My Coffee Travels

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. Almost everybody drinks the coffee especially when traveling. My Coffee Travels is about an art of coffee and traveling. JavaKoffie is the local coffee company who provides best coffee selection from Java island, Indonesia. The main products of coffee belong to JavaKoffie are from great mountains and volcano in central Java. Merapi volcano, Merbabu mt., Sumbing mt. and Sindoro mt. are the legends with their own characteristic and beautiful landscape.

Central Java island, like other places / islands in Indonesia is a mountainous area. Volcanoes, mountains and hills shape the area and contribute to the fertile soils and affects the variety of plantations, and even the size, taste and flavor. Coffee has different flavors from one mountain to another mountain. The characters are affected by the climate, soil and treatment. There are two types of coffee and many variants based on the taste and the size. Arabica is planted on the high land, while Robusta grows in the low land. Magically, the taste and flavors are different to each other, even the same type. Therefore, Indonesia is the richest coffee variety based the taste and flavor.

When traveling to Java, especially Yogyakarta with its great spots of cultures, ancient’s heritages, and the natures, you will find great different taste of coffee. Coffee from: Merapi volcano, Sumbing & Sindoro ‘twin’ mountains, Merbabu volcano, Menoreh Hills and some other mountains will be your adventurous coffee moments during your holiday to Java island.